Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Art for Cancer...not just Breast

It has been a huge shock to my friends and I but Monday my roommates boyfriend was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I decided to look up other art work for the cancer cause broader than just my final topic of breast cancer. I found it interesting that another company did calenders as well however, they just didn't paint with their breasts!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FInal Project Ideas && Inspirations


Many influential women in my life have battled breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness is very important to me and for that reason I've chose to use it as my theme in both my Art 490 class as well as my digital photo class. My aunt started this company called BoobArt to raise money for the cause. Her and her two girlfriends literally paint calenders with their breasts! The final image is amazing!

Check it out! Buy a calender!

Lara Schnitger

Jim Lambie

After looking through the Monumental book I came across a few whose work I really enjoyed.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Art Therapy....good for the soul

This past week has been a rough one on me and my family. I've felt pretty helpless watching my brother go through everything he is right now. As I've been spending time with him and at my home I have really been thinking about things of importance in my life. My project that I am currently working on in this class has been on my mind a lot since each square represents a significant event or thing in my life. It seems pretty ironic to me I am currently working on this project while all these things have been going on. I also have been drawing in my sketch book a lot more than usual. It hasn't been any certain thing but lately I've been finding I spend a lot of my day with ear buds in and pencil to pad. Maybe art therapy really does cure the soul or helps us get from one place to the next?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have been giving a lot of thought in regards to our first project. I want to find a way to correlate things of significance into my work especially things that affect my life. My family keeps coming to mind and would like to find a way to represent them. Also my team keeps popping up in my head which I guess could be considered my second family. I've been looking up different hyperbolic shapes for inspiration.